How High Blood Pressure Affects Your Feet

High blood pressure, also known as hypertension, is the excessive force of blood pushing against the arterial walls as your heart pumps blood throughout your body. When left untreated, you can experience decreased blood flow as well as many other serious health risks. Even though high blood pressure affects your entire body, symptoms can be commonly seen in the lower legs and feet.

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Ask the Podiatrist: Why Are My Feet Numb and Tingly?

At some time or another, we have all experienced numbness or tingly sensations in our feet. Often referred to as “pins and needles”, this feeling is caused by reduced blood flow after remaining in the same place for an extended period of time. Numbness is particularly common when sleeping in an uncomfortable position.

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4 Common Skateboard Injuries [And Their Treatments]

Skateboarding requires a range of athletic skills. Unfortunately, even the best and most experienced of skaters can injure their feet or ankles while doing their tricks. Whether the injury is minor or serious, you should always seek professional help to prevent further complications.

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Your foot, ankle, or lower leg is in pain. You know you need help, but how do you know if you should be seeing a podiatrist or a medical doctor (MD)? How does each medical professional differ when treating foot, ankle, and lower leg problems? Doctors of Podiatric Medicine (DPMs) are far more than simply foot doctors. Only podiatrists are thoroughly and specifically trained to treat the lower legs, feet, and ankles. 

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Top Signs You Have a Neuroma

Do you experience a burning or a tingling feeling in your feet? You could have a neuroma. A neuroma, which is a benign nerve tumor, is caused by mechanical irritation to the tissue in the ball of the foot. However, they can also occur in other spots on your foot, including your heel. KC Foot Fact: The most common place a neuroma is found is in between the third and fourth toes on the ball of your foot. This is called a Morton’s Neuroma.

At KC Foot Specialists, we’ve seen it all; including the most common complaints patients with neuromas have before they are even aware of the problem.

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