Kansas City Foot Surgery Center

Kansas City Foot Specialists In-house foot surgery center

The Surgery Center of Blue Valley  was started in 2007 by Drs. Laha and Phillips as a way of providing a convenient and state-of-the-art foot surgery facility for our patients. Our Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) is fully licensed and regulated by the state of Kansas, and our boutique center concentrates on foot surgery only. This allows us to provide the best equipment and a dedicated staff to treat most surgical foot problems we encounter. Our outpatient facility allows our patients shorter facility stays and an environment with less risk for infection.

Frequently Asked Questions about Outpatient Surgery

We realize that even elective outpatient surgery can create anxiety. The following information addresses some of the most frequently asked questions about outpatient surgeries at the Surgery Center of Blue Valley. If you have additional questions about your procedure, please call us at 913-338-4440 and ask for a nurse. Carefully following the instructions below will help ensure your comfort and reduce the possibility of complications following your procedure.

What happens before my surgery?

You and your physician or nurse will review your pre-operative instructions during your preoperative visit. This will include when to stop eating and drinking, a brief medical history, and confirmation of your arrival time. We will need personal information such as the names and doses of your medications. This is a good time to ask any questions regarding preoperative instructions and postoperative activities. How much do I have to pay before surgery?

A member of our business office may contact you to discuss the amount of copay or deductible that will need to be met and paid before your surgery. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, cash, checks, and money orders. We encourage patients to verify their own insurance coverage and obligations prior to their surgery appointments.

How can I prepare for my surgery?

Do not eat or drink anything (including water, gum, and mints) after midnight the night before your surgery, unless specifically instructed otherwise. Undigested food in your stomach can cause serious complications during surgery.

If you are diabetic or take medications for your heart or other conditions, you will be given specific instructions on what to do the day of your surgery.

It is best to refrain from smoking after midnight the night before your surgery as it may slow your recovery process.

Arrange for a responsible adult to accompany you to the surgery center, receive discharge information, drive you home, and stay with you for the first 24 hours following surgery. This person must remain at the surgery center for the entire length of your procedure. For your own safety and protection, you will not be allowed to drive a motor vehicle home.

Please report to your doctor even minor changes in your health between your most recent visit and the day of your procedure, such as an elevated temperature, cough, or cold.

If you suspect that you are pregnant, please notify your doctor and our nursing and anesthesia personnel.

Bathe or shower prior the morning of your surgery, making sure your feet are clean to minimize the risk of infection. You may brush your teeth, but try to avoid swallowing any water.

Pre-Surgery checklist

  • Do NOT eat or drink after midnight

  • Apply NO lotion of any kind after you bathe

  • Do NOT wear jewelry

  • Wear short sleeves and loose-fitting clothing

  • Do not wear nail polish on the foot to be operated on

  • Do not wear contact lenses. Please wear glasses instead.

  • Bring inhalers or insulin if applicable

  • Bring your insurance card and driver’s license

  • Bring completed paperwork received during your preoperative visit

What time should I arrive for surgery?

It is important that you arrive at the surgery center at least 45 minutes before surgery, unless otherwise instructed.

What should I bring to surgery?

Please bring eye and reading glasses, if needed. Do not wear contacts the day of surgery.  Please bring your photo ID, insurance card, and an accepted form of payment for any amount due at the time of surgery. Leave all jewelry, cash, and valuables at home or with the person accompanying you. We also suggest you wear casual, loose clothing. You will not be asked to remove your clothing.

What happens after surgery?

In the recovery room, you will be under close observation by the nurse anesthetist and recovery room nurses. Your surgeon will provide postoperative instructions to you and your accompanying family member/friend, who must remain at the facility throughout your procedure. You must be driven home by your accompanying person.

If you received anesthesia or pain medication, avoid the following for 24 hours:

  • Driving or operating vehicles, equipment or machinery

  • Making important decisions

  • Drinking alcoholic beverages

  • Signing important papers

Following these suggestions will ensure a smooth and stress-free surgery day at our surgery center. If you have questions regarding your surgery that weren’t answered above, please call us at (913) 338-4440.